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Mold Remediation Services San Mateo

According to certain studies and research, mold exists everywhere in the environment and we can’t avoid being exposed to it. Removing mold from inside your home or office needs skill, proficiency and precise equipment. Tcwrc Water Damage San Mateo offers you its expertise with the commitment to providing you with the best mold testing and mold damage restoration services in California in order to get your property completely restored after mold damage.

The moment you detect or even suspect mold, call us immediately. We are available 24/7 to restore your property after mold damage has occurred. We’ll provide you with a free quote and we will come to your site to test your indoor environment so that the mold growth can be evaluated. The results can be provided within 24 hours after testing. Mold can damage your property and can cause serious health hazards to your family and employees. Possible allergic reactions and respiratory problems are a few of the health scares that can be caused due to mold. Mold extraction is tremendously essential in order to avoid it from increasing and scattering into your air vents.

We’ll perform certain steps in order to remove the mold damage if test results are positive. Let’s have a look on our mold testing and mold damage restoration process:
- Mold testing
- Evaluation of hidden moisture by utilizing thermal image cameras
- Complete structure dry-out
- Damage clean up and debris removal
- Sanitation, odor control and stain removal
- Decontamination and final check up
- Painting and renovation, if recommended

Mold damage restoration expenses can make you stressed at such times, that is why we have redesigned our services and made them flexible enough to that you can customize them as per your need and budget limitations. You have the freedom to know the price before we start the damage restoration at your property.